Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forced Feminization

I have followed a web tease instruction for "Vanessa transforms you," which she certainly has. She has turned me into a little cum slut. The finale, where I cum in my mouth, is below:

Some of my cum went in my hair and some on my shoulder, but I did get a taste in my mouth. I would love to aim better at my mouth and I desperately want to taste someone else's cum. 

I've been very excited since I first followed the instructions from my online misstress. I drove down to the crossdresser store and bought some crotchless, full body lingerie, which I just wore all day under my clothes at work. I had to take my shirt off in the stall to go to the bathroom. I couldn't help touching myself, though I resisted the urge to cum. I'm definitely interested in finding someone to feminize and humiliate me. 

I did the tease in my office and sat there with my blinds open with nothing but my lingerie on. I proceeded to strip with the intention of changing for the drive home. I popped my cock out while silouheted in the window and a whole mess of precum came pouring out, which I immediately caught in my hand and greedily swallowed. I am ready to eat cum, first my own then others. I am a horny cocksucker. Damn it tastes good, nice and sweet. 

I left my light on in my office after I left to see if you could see into it after stripping from my lingerie and licking my precum. Holy crap, you could see completely into it. I'm pretty sure the parking lot attendant saw me and anyone else going by. I definitely didn't intend that, that someone where I work knows I dress up in lingerie and masturbate. Here's a video I did later where I masturbated in the lingerie:


  1. Thanks for your masturbation videos - really hot, I love watching you come