Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exposing myself

The other day coming home from work, after watching porn in my office, I decided to pull my cock out of my pants in my car. I calculated that no one would probably see when I was in traffic, but I did forget about pedestrians. I don"t think the two ladies walking right by my car saw anything as I exited the parking lot, but there was that risk. On top of it, I was so horny from lots of edging that when I popped by underwear back over my erect cock as I tried to steer, I came hard. I zipped my pants up and hoped that the cum didn"t soak through to my slacks. Somehow, it didn"t seem to, but my boxers were soaked. I had to go to a few stores that way and I just hoped that no one would see or smell anything. I went in a grocery store bathroom to clean up and when I exited, three skater boys had entered the small bathroom. I felt very self-conscious in that crowded space, stinking of cum.

I would love to do some more exposing of myself, but would like tips on how to do it safely. I used to go in the woods and get completely nude and leave my clothes behind. I live in a more urban area now and it is hard to find a place to expose myself.

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