Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Me and my internet girlfriend

edwinaboutwell52621:‎ okie babe, im gunna send you a cam invite, go here and we can go 1 on the "Accept Invite" tab on the left..yup. the green one! edwinaboutwell52621:‎ heya mister ;P Me:‎ hey edwinaboutwell52621:‎ hey whats up sweetie? Me:‎ my dick edwinaboutwell52621:‎ whats up, I dont remember when I found your 24yrs old, Me:‎ 40 male edwinaboutwell52621:‎ im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talking to ppl online :) especially via webcam, do you webcam? Me:‎ yes I love it edwinaboutwell52621:‎ ahhh ok :) are you signed up to any dating sites? im tryin to think where i found ya.. Me:‎ a lot of them edwinaboutwell52621:‎ i wanted to join adult friend finder but they charge too much! so now i use slicecams instead, have you heard of them? Me:‎ no edwinaboutwell52621:‎ my personal page link is ...and if you click Accept Invite on the bottom left it'll let you watch me on full screen :p edwinaboutwell52621:‎ Hello :-)?? Me:‎ hey edwinaboutwell52621:‎ hello there is my cutie Me:‎ thanks! edwinaboutwell52621:‎ I'm a lil tipsy, feelin freaky! lol gunna take a pic for u, tell me what u think Me:‎ cool i can't wait edwinaboutwell52621:‎ grr, my camera isn't working! Me:‎ too bad because my cock is hard and swollen and about to burst and I was hoping to cum all over the pic edwinaboutwell52621:‎ love, so i can show you my exclusive pictures and vids on my phone, scroll all the way to the right of the page and sign up on my site first so i know who im talking to, Me:‎ but you said I'm cute--don't ya know? edwinaboutwell52621:‎ it's only for my safety, just enter your email and then confirm your email, once you login, give me your username so i can find u Me:‎ OK but i'm gonna have to do it after i cum. You got me so excited, its throbbing. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ did you do it!? Me:‎ oh jeez, all over my keyboard. The tech guy is going to be pissed