Thursday, February 18, 2016

Me and my internet girlfriend, part 2

edwinaboutwell52621:‎ Soo was up there Me:‎ My penis. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ Hey hun, thanx for adding me...i had your username saved from a while ago, are you on any dating sites? Me:‎ no, i just stare at porn all day until cum oozes out of my cock edwinaboutwell52621:‎ i love it babe, i wish urs was here so I can grab on it ;-) Me:‎ i could try pushing it through the computer but I hurt myself last time edwinaboutwell52621:‎ I can't really remember how i got ur ID.. but recently i got out of a relationship and i was hitting up guys and i thought were hot u single? Me:‎ No, I'm a bigamous Mormon in Utah. My wives keep banging on the door wanting things from me. I'm just trying to get away and masturbate, thinking about Joseph Smith. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ well either way its fine with me ;) BUT, are u into redhead girls? Me:‎ If by into, you mean I'd like to rub my cock through their luxurious auburn hair until I add some conditioner to it, then the answer is yes. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ :P there's a picture i uploaded last night, you like? :) Me:‎ My wives had taken me hostage and are keeping me in basement after confiscating my credit cards. It turns out I was spending even more on internet porn than they were on facials, so they took drastic measures. They're thinking of doing a reality show about it. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ love to show off :) Me:‎ Yea, I do, too, but still, national TV and all. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ i love to feel sexy...where would you like me to put these pretty red lips?? ;) Me:‎ Press them up against the computer screen, I think I can pretend they are my third wife's vagina lips. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ haha bad boy! let me put on my computer cam for you 1 sec..are you on camplayground? Me:‎ No, I went to Bible camp last summer and had a five-way with the Priest and his wives. It's amazing what we can get up to in a dry county. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ go to if you go there it should connect you to mycam better not recordme! lol Me:‎ Oh, I can't wait. Looks like the wives have taken the wireless away. I'm only connected via an old AOL dial-up, so this could take a while. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ this is only for YOU lol..after your in let me know your username so that i can add to you my friends list Me:‎ My user name will be Mormonwithevenmorewivesforyoutocuckoldmewith, if that's not too long. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ Jenny Me:‎ Now, the wives are taking my porn away from me. Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? edwinaboutwell52621:‎ its probably gonna ask you for a credit card to sign up for the app but its free babe, its just for age verifying. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any minors watching me lol Me:‎ I know, it's creepy when they wear that light on their head and they are all dirty from going underground. Miners suck! edwinaboutwell52621:‎ dirty can be good ;) Me:‎ Well, yea, I remember when me and wives number four and five slipped and fell into the pig trough. We were all hooped up on lemonade. edwinaboutwell52621:‎ k... Let me know when you're in babe, you should see my cam on Me:‎ On your head? Like the miners? Well, you should see me cumming soon? Where did they put my tissue? edwinaboutwell52621:‎ hmmm I am so wet lol ok I see u connecting, I'm gonna put on my outfit now, Just type here or in the chat when u can see me undressing ;)