Friday, July 30, 2010

Caught naked in the woods!

Oh, my, I was just caught naked in the woods. I went to the park where I've been getting naked and masturbating. I saw one person walking into the trail when I first started but the parking lot was empty. After a while, I did not see anyone around, so I started to go down one of the side trails where I've been naked before and have never seen anyone around. I walked until I got to an open clearing, didn't see anyone and walked back the secluded trail a ways to make sure no one was around. Thinking I was clear on both sides, I took all my clothes off and placed them on a fallen log along the path. Lately, I've been even taking my shoes off because it is so sensual walking with barefeet and completely naked in the forest.

I decided to walk away from my clothes, figuring that I'd see someone coming ahead of me and be able to double back and get my clothes before they saw me. However, I didn't count on anyone coming from behind since I thought I had checked that area already. I was walking along and my cock was hard and large completely naked walking through the woods when I looked back and there was a middle-aged man walking about 50 feet behind me. He would have already crossed the fallen log where all my clothes were and he could clearly see me from behind. He didn't say anything but kept walking slowly. I didn't know what to do at first. I thought this was it and I would be arrested and publicly humiliated.

I instinctively covered my cock, which was sticking out erect and swaying as I walked, with my hand and arm, drawing it back against my body. I thought about verbally apologizing, but he hadn't said anything yet, so I walked off the path and into some woods, all the while holding my arm and hand over my cock and my naked ass exposed to him, until I made it around some thick foliage and started to head back in the direction of my clothes. Luckily, he kept walking past.

I got nervous that he had taken my clothes and that I would be left in the woods in a park in an urban area completely naked or that he would proceed to call the cops. I peeked around some bushes looking towards where he was walking away and saw that he did not appear to have my clothes and cut back to the path when he was out of sight. I went back and my clothes, my shoes, my wallet, my cell phone all were still there. I quickly got dressed and slowly walked back until I hit the side path I had come up on and walked back quickly, hoping to get back to the parking lot before he did.

I made it back, my heart racing, with two vehicles in the parking lot. I didn't know if he was in one of them and tried to walk cooly to the car. I got in and drove away but was worried that my license plate was called in. One of the vehicles was a white work van and I kept seeing white vans behind me for a while, though they turned out to be different vehicles. Later, when I got home I nervously expected to see a police vehicle or to have a phone call on the machine from the police.  But everything was fine.

I wonder if he was just too shocked to say anything or if he was just compassionate about my situation. Possibly, he was there to do what I was doing or maybe it is even a cruising spot for gays, but if so, he might have said something. Being naked, I couldn't be the one to get offended if he had propositioned me.

Here's two videos of me from previous days running through the woods and masturbating in the exact same area. It's not the best quality, since it's my cell phone, but you can get a sense of what it's like and what I was doing when I got caught. I'm still very excited and a bit nervous about it.