Friday, July 30, 2010

Caught naked in the woods!

Oh, my, I was just caught naked in the woods. I went to the park where I've been getting naked and masturbating. I saw one person walking into the trail when I first started but the parking lot was empty. After a while, I did not see anyone around, so I started to go down one of the side trails where I've been naked before and have never seen anyone around. I walked until I got to an open clearing, didn't see anyone and walked back the secluded trail a ways to make sure no one was around. Thinking I was clear on both sides, I took all my clothes off and placed them on a fallen log along the path. Lately, I've been even taking my shoes off because it is so sensual walking with barefeet and completely naked in the forest.

I decided to walk away from my clothes, figuring that I'd see someone coming ahead of me and be able to double back and get my clothes before they saw me. However, I didn't count on anyone coming from behind since I thought I had checked that area already. I was walking along and my cock was hard and large completely naked walking through the woods when I looked back and there was a middle-aged man walking about 50 feet behind me. He would have already crossed the fallen log where all my clothes were and he could clearly see me from behind. He didn't say anything but kept walking slowly. I didn't know what to do at first. I thought this was it and I would be arrested and publicly humiliated.

I instinctively covered my cock, which was sticking out erect and swaying as I walked, with my hand and arm, drawing it back against my body. I thought about verbally apologizing, but he hadn't said anything yet, so I walked off the path and into some woods, all the while holding my arm and hand over my cock and my naked ass exposed to him, until I made it around some thick foliage and started to head back in the direction of my clothes. Luckily, he kept walking past.

I got nervous that he had taken my clothes and that I would be left in the woods in a park in an urban area completely naked or that he would proceed to call the cops. I peeked around some bushes looking towards where he was walking away and saw that he did not appear to have my clothes and cut back to the path when he was out of sight. I went back and my clothes, my shoes, my wallet, my cell phone all were still there. I quickly got dressed and slowly walked back until I hit the side path I had come up on and walked back quickly, hoping to get back to the parking lot before he did.

I made it back, my heart racing, with two vehicles in the parking lot. I didn't know if he was in one of them and tried to walk cooly to the car. I got in and drove away but was worried that my license plate was called in. One of the vehicles was a white work van and I kept seeing white vans behind me for a while, though they turned out to be different vehicles. Later, when I got home I nervously expected to see a police vehicle or to have a phone call on the machine from the police.  But everything was fine.

I wonder if he was just too shocked to say anything or if he was just compassionate about my situation. Possibly, he was there to do what I was doing or maybe it is even a cruising spot for gays, but if so, he might have said something. Being naked, I couldn't be the one to get offended if he had propositioned me.

Here's two videos of me from previous days running through the woods and masturbating in the exact same area. It's not the best quality, since it's my cell phone, but you can get a sense of what it's like and what I was doing when I got caught. I'm still very excited and a bit nervous about it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Driving While Hard

Today, I drove through town and on the highway with my cock out. It was semi-erect. I think if it was hard, I might have cum I was so excited. Stopping at stop lights next to other traffic and driving by a construction area really got my pulse racing. 

I would love to go on a long-distance trip and drive without pants. I wonder if I could get away with driving through a toll booth without being noticed. I love the thrill of being naked and potentially being caught.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forced Feminization

I have followed a web tease instruction for "Vanessa transforms you," which she certainly has. She has turned me into a little cum slut. The finale, where I cum in my mouth, is below:

Some of my cum went in my hair and some on my shoulder, but I did get a taste in my mouth. I would love to aim better at my mouth and I desperately want to taste someone else's cum. 

I've been very excited since I first followed the instructions from my online misstress. I drove down to the crossdresser store and bought some crotchless, full body lingerie, which I just wore all day under my clothes at work. I had to take my shirt off in the stall to go to the bathroom. I couldn't help touching myself, though I resisted the urge to cum. I'm definitely interested in finding someone to feminize and humiliate me. 

I did the tease in my office and sat there with my blinds open with nothing but my lingerie on. I proceeded to strip with the intention of changing for the drive home. I popped my cock out while silouheted in the window and a whole mess of precum came pouring out, which I immediately caught in my hand and greedily swallowed. I am ready to eat cum, first my own then others. I am a horny cocksucker. Damn it tastes good, nice and sweet. 

I left my light on in my office after I left to see if you could see into it after stripping from my lingerie and licking my precum. Holy crap, you could see completely into it. I'm pretty sure the parking lot attendant saw me and anyone else going by. I definitely didn't intend that, that someone where I work knows I dress up in lingerie and masturbate. Here's a video I did later where I masturbated in the lingerie:


I've been working on cock control by jerking twenty times fast and twenty times slow and repeating until I'm close and stopping. Usually I don't have lots of precum, but last night it started pouring out and I was lapping it up. Boy, it tastes great. I need to suck some cock now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Medical Exam

After finishing high school, I got a summer job that required a physical through the company"s own medical department. I was asked to strip down to my underwear and lay on the examining table. A middle-aged nurse came in to examine me. I was a horny teen and just the act of getting semi-naked was giving me a hard-on and my cock was clearly evident in my tighty-whities, with the tip nearly to the top, ready to peak out. At the time, I was strangely not embarrassed. I think I thought that my genitals were private and no one would look. Of course, as she carried out the exam, it was pretty obvious that I had a raging hard-on, but the nurse carried on without saying a word.

I always thought she might have been embarrassed, though in retrospect, she might have been excited. In fact, she might have been seeing just how far she could get me excited without letting on that there was anything unusual going on. She carried out the manual examination, pressing against my abdomen area, which is strange, since usually the doctor carries that out. As part of this, she would occasionally slip her fingers just under the elastic band of my underwear, and press down. This part of the exam seemed to go on for longer than one would expect and my cock was throbbing. Finally, I just came in my underwear with no touching at all. So now I"m sitting there with no clothes on except cum-soaked briefs.
She didn"t say anything but she did hesitate a while before leaving to bring in the doctor. I think she was trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, the doctor came in with gloves on to have me cough for a hernia check. He asked me to stand up and pull down my underwear, which was clearly soaked and reeked of cum. Didn"t seem too happy but he didn"t say anything, either.

I wish that the nurse and I had gone further. Perhaps I could have pulled my briefs down when she put her fingers under the band on the pretense of helping her to carry out the exam better. Maybe she could have brushed up against my cock and then let it linger a bit more. Perhaps I could have held off from cumming and grabbed her breast. She might have pulled my cock out and started sucking it. Maybe she would have let me finger her while she did it, got worked up, and got on top of the table to ride me. But she did give serious masturbation material for the rest of my life. For years, I would begin a masturbation session by getting in my underwear and simulating a manual exam of my abdomen until I got hard as hell.

How this exam could have ended

Exposing myself

The other day coming home from work, after watching porn in my office, I decided to pull my cock out of my pants in my car. I calculated that no one would probably see when I was in traffic, but I did forget about pedestrians. I don"t think the two ladies walking right by my car saw anything as I exited the parking lot, but there was that risk. On top of it, I was so horny from lots of edging that when I popped by underwear back over my erect cock as I tried to steer, I came hard. I zipped my pants up and hoped that the cum didn"t soak through to my slacks. Somehow, it didn"t seem to, but my boxers were soaked. I had to go to a few stores that way and I just hoped that no one would see or smell anything. I went in a grocery store bathroom to clean up and when I exited, three skater boys had entered the small bathroom. I felt very self-conscious in that crowded space, stinking of cum.

I would love to do some more exposing of myself, but would like tips on how to do it safely. I used to go in the woods and get completely nude and leave my clothes behind. I live in a more urban area now and it is hard to find a place to expose myself.

Down by the Duck Pond

I used to cruise down by the duck pond. One night sticks with me. It was a warm, summer night and I was wearing cutoffs and a T-shirt. We met behind the bathroom. He was slim and youthful, had a smooth chest, and hot body. We must have made love for an hour straight. We would kiss and tongue each other, our bodies pressed against each other, standing in the open area behind some trees. We stripped out of our clothes, and pressed our cocks together, our tongues in each other's mouths. We would then alternate, one of us slowly licking down the other's body, paying extra attention to sucking nipples, licking finally down to cock. We would lick and suck the other until about to cum, then pull out and we would switch. First kissing, then licking, sucking nipples, licking down the body, sucking cock until almost ready to cum, then kissing, and switch again. No one came to disturb us, even other cruisers, even though we were in the middle of a park. Finally, we finished "safely," he came all over me, then he jerked me to satisfaction. A great night!

A Cuckold's Share

Jim had assumed that his wife’s libido had gone down with age, that their lack of sex had been the ordinary result of growing older. He had not been crazy about it, but he had resigned himself to it and retreated to a world of fantasy and masturbation on the internet. They would still occasionally have sex, but he had had to wait until she initiated it, which would be at most a couple times per year. She had promised him that things would pick up, that her hormones needed stabilizing, that stress had caused it, or that parenthood had made intimacy more difficult. She had never let on that she wanted more, and from someone else.

But now Jim was faced with proof that this was the case. The various excuses she made to go out to the store or to visit her parents, the whispered discussions of the phone in the other room, and her impatience with him at times had made him suspicious. But now that he had followed her to their friend Steve’s house, had crept around to the bedroom window, and peeked in, there was no room for doubt. There was his wife in the throes of passion with another man, his very large member writhing in and out of her pussy, their bodies embraced, her breath panting, as they made love.

He wanted to kill them both, he was so furious with jealousy. Frankly, he intended to at least beat up Steve and scare her with his righteous anger. He did indeed shake with anger as he saw the scene through the window. But he was surprised by one thing: his cock was hard as a rock and he was trembling with sexual excitement. Tears were streaming down his cheek at the same time that his cock was throbbing and his breath quickening.

Their lovemaking went on and on, while he stood there for the better part of an hour, watching it all through the window. Jim and his wife had always had a satisfying sex life, but he did not have the endurance on display there. They would usually have foreplay for a little while, but when it came time for penetration, they would both come within a minute. Sometimes Jim would come virtually upon insertion, before he had even put his cock all the way in. Usually, it seemed that his cock was so excited to be inside a pussy for a change, that it practically came right away. He could hold off from premature ejaculation during foreplay by not stimulating his cock continuously, pulling away periodically from her sweet hands when she was stroking it or avoiding resting his cock on her body for too long. He could also perform cunnilingus indefinitely, which she always loved; when she started cumming from his tongue, she would have him insert his cock in her pussy and they would both come immediately. He could also rebound pretty good for another round, but the bottom line was that he was a premature ejaculator who had found a partner who was always pretty happy with a fast tempo. Or so it seemed until now.

Shielded by a tree from being viewed from the road, Jim stood there watching his wife and Steve as they made passionate love oblivious to the world. Jim obviously had a way of touching her that aroused her passion and he seemed to be able to pretty much fuck indefinitely. She came six or seven times during the next hour, while Steve came twice. After about a half hour and a couple of intense orgasms from his wife, Steve came hard in her pussy and pulled away to reveal a luscious creampie. There was another man’s sperm in his wife’s pussy!

By then, Jim had pulled his pants down, less to masturbate which he did a bit, than to avoid cumming from his excitement and the pressure he felt on his cock straining against his clothes. As his cock quivered, he saw his wife and Steve kiss passionately and then she took his cock in his mouth. Jim’s wife was a great cocksucker, but now sucking someone who wouldn’t cum within a few minutes, she really showed had passionate she was about a big, hard dick, licking up Steve’s ten inch shaft, taking the tip in her mouth, then slowly pressing down with her mouth until his whole dick was down her throat. Jim’s six inch shaft quivered with excitement. Jim had never told his wife about his bisexual feelings or his other kinky fantasies. As he watched her suck Steve’s cock, he felt waves of guilt and shame about his wife sucking another man, excitement about the passionate job she was doing, and envy of her. Jim’s tongue flicked ever so as he imagined sucking that glorious cock, especially as he imagined he would taste his wife on the cock.

Soon they were back to fucking. He even fucked her ass, something Jim had never done with his wife. She cried out in agony and he asked her if she wanted to stop, but she begged him not to. He then slammed himself all the way to the hilt in her ass, while reaching around and fingering her pussy. She came visibly, practically wilting in his arms. At this point she was visibly shaking, a point she only rarely got to with Jim, usually after a long session of pussy eating followed by a quick fuck. Steve had her doing this from a long fuck session.

After a few more orgasms on her part, he was slamming her very hard with his whole body as his cock pounded her pussy for about fifteen minutes straight. They were both moaning louder and louder as they went at it, punctuated by out and out shrieking on her part. By this point, Jim was sure the neighbors could hear as they were very loud and he got a little concerned that someone would see him, his pants around his ankles with his cock hard in the bushes by the side of the house. He was terrified that someone would call the police and he’d be arrested.

But he couldn’t turn away and he had to let go of his cock once again to avoid cumming himself as Steve and his wife screamed and came together for the final time. Whimpering, his wife exclaimed, “I love you, Steve. That was the best fuck of my life.” “I want to make love to you more often,” he replied. “I know,” she said, “so far Jim has not said anything about my various excuses, and in any case, I can’t resist you, so we’ll just have to take our chances.”

As his wife stood up, grabbed a towel, and headed out the bedroom door, presumably to take a shower, Jim had a sudden inspiration. Acting quickly, he pulled up his pants, backed away from the house and started heading down the block to where he parked his car, while dialing his wife’s cell phone. The first time it went to voicemail, so he dialed again, and again it went straight to voicemail. Once more, he called, and she finally answered, curtly telling him that she was driving and could not answer. “It’s really urgent,” Jim told his wife, “please come home immediately.” “Is it the kids,” she asked worriedly. “No, they’re fine, they’re still in school, but it’s urgent, so please come right away.”

Jim had barely arrived back at home and put on the robe he had been wearing when she left when his wife pulled up and came running inside. “What is it?” she said. “I have to talk with you about our relationship,” Jim said. “That’s what you called me back for,” she said angrily, but a look of worry crept over her face. “Look, I know things change in a relationship and I know you don’t want to have sex with me much any more, and frankly, I’m not that good at it any more, but you always did like when I lick you out.” He paused while she took this in, seemingly with a mixture of contempt and curiosity. “Well, I want to eat you out, and only that, whenever you’ve been away and come back home,” Jim blurted out. “OK…” his wife said slowly, “we can do that honey.”

With that he thew off his robe; naked and hard, he dropped to his knees before her and went to push her skirt up. She shoved him back and yelled angrily, “Honey, you know I haven’t showered.” She only liked to have her pussy eaten when she had cleaned herself up, though Jim always told he it didn’t matter. Especially not now, he thought.

Before she could react, he pushed her down onto the couch, pulled up her skirt, and had whisked her stained panties off. Now she screamed at him, “No!,” but he held her down with his arms as he slipped his head between her legs and shoved his face into her crotch. The smell of sex overwhelmed his senses as she quieted suddenly, as if her infidelity would now be obvious. Jim dove in and his tongue licked her clit and slid immediately into her very wet pussy. As he tasted her juices and Steve’s cum on his tongue, his cock exploded all by itself, pouring out on the floor before the couch as he lapped up all he could.

She stop resisting but had not yet relaxed herself, her pussy clenched nervously down on his tongue that had buried itself deep inside her vagina. He looked up and she looked back with a cool glare, irritation mixed with astonishment. “Well, you might as well finish me off,” she said, “I see you’ve finished yourself.” Slowly, she let herself relax and he licked and sucked her pussy every way he could. She had exhausted herself with orgasms with Steve, so she would not be ready to cum any time soon, and he had just cum at her feet without touching of any kind, so there was no one that was looking to cum and Jim could finally focus on what he loved most of all, exploring his wife’s pussy with his tongue and mouth. The fact that it kept leaking cum from her sex session with Steve made it that much more fantastic for Jim. He felt as if he had just what he needed—a satisfied wife, satisfied by another man who had done the heavy lifting, as it were, a long session with his wife’s pussy, where he could explore every nook and cranny at leisure, the humiliation at eating her out with another man’s cum in her, seemingly oblivious but secretly loving it, his cum spilt uselessly on the floor adding to the intoxicating feeling of sexual failure and indulgence that overwhelmed him. This was how he wanted to live, he realized.

At one point, she slid down on the floor on top of his face, practically smothering his face, grinding up and down on him while he whimpered, lying in his own cum and gasping for air as her legs engulfed him. After a full hour of licking, sucking, and gentle fingering, she slowly rose to one long, hard orgasm, gushing over his face while she writhed in pleasure. He had given her the long, slow, lovemaking session he never could before. And it was all thanks to her infidelity; her cheating with Steve had relieved him from the burden of satisfying a woman with his cock, while she was relieved from having to worry about his orgasms or wanting to fuck immediately after cunnilingus. She had her fill being fucked by a real man and then let her cuckolded husband clean up the mess and slowly drive her to a final orgasm with his tongue.

On top of it, he seemed oblivious to what was going on with Steve, to the point of eating his cum out of her pussy. She got such a charge out of this that she told Steve about it on the phone later. Listening in on it from the other room, he heard her say that she wanted to do this again, that Steve and her should increase their fucking and she would have him play “cleanup” afterwards. “No, I don’t think he realized he was eating sperm,” she whispered into the phone, “and he seemed to love it. This is the answer to our prayers, we can fuck as much as we want and I can get a thrill from my husband later, but not have to deal with his cock.”

Later, in bed for the night, Jim told his wife that this was what he wanted from here. He did not need to have sex with her, just to service her orally when she came home from her shopping and other chores. “It’s very important, though, that you not wash up first, since the thrill for me is tasting you after a long day.” “Do you like me to be…well, you know, like a mistress, or something,” she asked. “Yes, exactly!,” he replied. “I want to attend to your pleasure with my tongue, even be humiliated, without having to worry about my cock. In fact, you can control it, ordering me not to masturbate or telling me to as you wish. I need to be totally naked when I lick you out, though.”

She agreed to the new plan and would call him on her cell phone whenever she had just finished with Steve, of course just telling him she had finished shopping or visiting a friend. At first, she cleaned up after finishing with Steve, still afraid of being caught in her infidelity. But finally, she stopped worrying, and Jim tasted some glorious creampies. Once he called her to the department store she had allegedly been shopping at, and he (completely naked, of course) ate her out in a changing room. Another time, he licked her pussy in her car at the mall parking lot. Once she made him come into the lady’s room at her work, and he licked her in the stall.

Finally, she started bringing Steve around when he was gone, usually with the excuse of doing household repairs that never seemed to get finished. Jim was in high heaven when he saw the evidence that they had been making love in their bed. Shortly after Steve made his excuses and left, they had a long session in the bed. This time she told him he would have to follow her orders, after which she tied him up on the bed and came back in the room periodically, sat on his face for a while, left, and came back again. After a few hours of this, she finally came while riding his face and smacking his cock with her hand. When he came as a result of this intimate contact, she scolded him, then smiled broadly. “You need a spanking, that’s what.” She then took him over her knee and smacked his ass until it was red.

Slowly, she began telling him exactly what he could do with his cock when she was not around. He was never to come without permission, but he was to masturbate, usually in somewhat compromising situations, like at a public restroom or in the park. She also made him buy lingerie and panties for himself from a department store and dressed him up at home. Finally, she ordered him to suck a guy’s cock at a cruising spot. When he did it at her command, he reached new levels of ecstatic humiliation. Was she worried about him coming home with a disease? She didn’t seem to worry since it was clear his cock would never again enter her vagina or mouth. Slowly but surely, she turned him into a cuckolded, sissy, cocksucking and pussy licking slave boy that he dreamed to be. And she found her services most useful after she had been fucked by a real man.